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Our App  |  Conversion of Schedule K-1 TXF to OFX

Our app will convert your K-1 TXF file to OFX so you can import directly into tax software such as Turbo Tax Online Edition

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 How to import into Turbo Tax

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How do I tell if my partnership data is available from SCHEDULEK-1.COM?


If you are a partner in a partnership which electronically publishes K-1 data through SCHEDULEK-1.COM, your partnership will issue you a file number and passcode.


If you have not been issued a file number and passcode, your partnership is not participating.


If your partnership does not participate in our electronic distribution program at this time, you may wish to email us with the name and address of the partnership so we can make them aware of our services.



I use TurboTax Online Edition.  I have a TXF file but cannot import the TXF into the TurboTax.  What can I do?


Many partnerships distribute tax exchange format (TXF) files to their partners. However, users of TurboTax Online edition cannot import TXF files.


If you upload your TXF file to our servers, we can make convert your file and make it available for direct import into TurboTax.

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 Our Mailing Address is : Internet Tax Information Processing Services, Inc. 473 South River Road Suite 1504 Saint George, UT 84790

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Who We Are

ScheduleK-1.com is a proud member of the Internet Tax Information Processing Services Inc. family of websites. Visit our sibling sites at:

What We Do

Bruce Wilcox, President, Lead Software Developer

Bruce is a CPA (Inactive) and holds a BS in Accounting and MS in Software Engineering. He has worked since 1982 in the tax software industry -- 12 years at Computer Sciences Corporation, TACS division and 18 years at Intuit TurboTax as a Tax Analyst and Programmer with experience in S Corporation, Fiduciary, and Individual tax returns. Bruce worked in both the Individual Schedule D and data import areas while at TurboTax.

We provide data transformation, electronic delivery, and hosting services for income tax information documents including partnership Schedule K-1.

Lynn Waters, Vice President, Director of Marketing


Our Vision

Our company's mission is to streamline the processing and delivery of information necessary for income tax return preparation.

Lynn founded iTips in 2010. She acted as Managing Partner of the partnership until Bruce joined the firm in November 2012. In 2013, the business was incorporated and she assumed her current position. Lynn has degrees in Art and Design and oversees the marketing, design, and social media efforts at iTips.

API  |   ScheduleK-1.com Application Program Interfaces



Partnership tax software developers may make federal partnership Schedule K-1 data available for direct import into individual tax (Form 1040) software from the Open Financial Exchange (OFX) servers at ScheduleK-1.com.


We use Google Cloud servers and the Google High Replication Datastore which provides virtually infinite scalability that enables us to handle many hundreds of thousands of K-1s.


Use one of our application program interfaces described below.









If you already have K-1 data in TXF files, you may use this API to submit individual TXF file data for hosting on our OFX server.


If your partnership has many partners and you want to make tax software import available to all users, the bulk data submission API may better serve your needs.


For details, see the API documentation and instructions.








Partnerships with large numbers of partners may wish to submit data in bulk using this API.


For details, see the API documentation and instructions.








If your software does not generate TXF files - but does generate Form 1065 Electronic Filing (MeF) data files - you may submit the MeF data file for processing by our servers. Our servers will transform this data and host the data for import on our servers.


For details, see the API documentation and instructions.