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If your partnership is participant in the electronic K-1 information distribution system, you can import your federal Schedule K-1 information into TurboTax in a matter of seconds.

(1) Open your TurboTax program and go to the Federal Taxes Tab, Wages and Income Section. Choose the "Explore on My Own" option.

(2) Click on the button in the Easy Import section as seen here.

(3) Select "A financial institution", then click the Continue button.

(4) Enter k-1 in the search field. Select Schedule from the list provided. Then click Continue.

(5) Enter your file number and password provided to you by your partnership in the spaces provided.

(6) After your data is retrieved by the TurboTax program, click the Import Now button.

(7) Click the Done button.

(8) Go to your Schedule K-1 in the program, review your imported data, and enter any additional details required by the TurboTax program.

It's just that simple!

Latest news


IRS Revenue Procedure 2012-17 goes into effect.


Schedule 2012 service begins.


Schedule begins participation in TurboTax "Easy Import" program.


Schedule moves to new location at:

27068 La Paz Rd, Suite 785
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

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